Murder Mystery Game

Our rip-roaring 1920's gangster murder mystery game is an absolute riot, full of intrigue, bribery, gambling, backstabbing and, of course, a murder.

The guest list features a colourful assortment of characters, including gangsters, politicians, singers and gamblers. The entertaining game play, improvised acting, casino games including blackjack and roulette, and our skilled host/game leader, will take you back in time!

A glitzy, well-connected, but slightly shady couple are hosting the grand opening of their new club, and you are invited to attend. There will be fine dining, dancing and gambling, and the inaugural celebration is the talk of the town.

Everybody will be there, from the cream of society to underworld kingpins and their minions. As night falls and the glamorous fun is in full swing, things start to get a little wild... With gangsters, politicians, cops, dolls, molls and many other interesting guests in attendance this event is sure to be the bee's knees.

This is a team game - normally each dining table acts as one team, so there are 8-12 people per team, and these will be a selection but never all of the game characters (of which there are 15)

Teams are all asked to perform tasks, and delivered instructions along the way. Tasks will include some kind of improvised performance per team - bringing out the creative skills and adding a huge element of fun. In larger events, a sound system and microphones will be provided to assist with this

In the end the winning team is decided by 3 factors - the amount of money accumulated, the number of correct guesses as to who the main murderer is, and their quality of performance in their part of the show.

Includes the following:

  • Party hosts – to lead the murder mystery game
  • Game materials
  • Character booklets with background on the character and their secrets
  • Props: Gangster hats and 20s style had bands, fake cigars, etc
  • Casino games: Blackjack and Roulette, with croupiers (not professional tables, but close approximations thereof)

Details & Prices:

Murder Mystery Game: Please contact us for a quote

Venues: Any venue is possible, but you should have a private space, and extra space to set up the gambling tables and circulate. The more people are able to move around during the evening, the better. The game price does not include venue or dinner costs.

Suggested venue: Masia Mas Coll

The beautiful country mansion Masia Mas Coll dates back to the 12th century and provides the perfect backdrop for a night of murder and mystery. The gorgeous rooms and variety of indoor and outdoor spaces can be set up as the gambling den, dance hall, reception area, and more. An ideal setting in which to play out different scenes amidst an unforgettable atmosphere.