Interactive Flamenco Show

Add an authentic touch of Spanish culture to your event with our impressive and interactive Flamenco show.

Not only will this fantastic activity captivate your clients, guests or employees, it will also give them the chance to discover the magic of flamenco up close and in more immediate ways than any ordinary show could.

Passion, drama, love, betrayal: flamenco has expressed age-old emotions with tremendous artistry and skill for centuries. The unique and fiery language of this art form continues to inspire audiences around the world and seeing a flamenco show is amongst most visitors' top things to do in Spain. Enhancing your corporate event or company dinner with a flamenco performance is bound to delight your guests and contribute to an unforgettable evening.

Our flamenco show features five talented performers: a singer, a percussionist on the cajón (perhaps the most traditional of flamenco instruments after the guitar), a guitarist, a male and a female dancer. They deliver an electrifying performance that expresses all of the passion of flamenco with such skill, it will have your guests talking about the show for a long time to come.

This is no ordinary flamenco show, however. We want to give you and your guests an even closer and more in-depth encounter with the art of flamenco. After the show, our performers invite you and your guests to try a few dance moves, guiding you through the steps, explaining the basics and revealing a few fascinating secrets about their craft. Participating is optional, of course. It is not intended as a dance class, but simply as a more immediate and in-depth flamenco experience.

Stepping on to the tablao, listening closely to the rhythm of guitar and cajón, and allowing the music to guide your movements results in a whole new appreciation of flamenco. In addition to adding an incomparable cultural dimension to your event, our interactive flamenco show is also a lot of fun. Get ready to experience Spain's most celebrated art form in a whole new way! Olé!


Our flamenco show is very mobile – we can organise it at the venue of your choice! 

Price: Please contact us for a quote

The price includes the show, plus sound system and tablao (small, wooden platform) rental. We can arrange a bigger stage upon request and provide you with a customised cost estimate.

Duration: The performance part of the show lasts approx. 35-45 minutes. Guests are then invited to participate as well, and this part lasts about 30 minutes more