soapbox challenge !

This classic team building activity combines both the creative element of designing and constructing your own fully personalised and unique vehicle

the 'soapbox racer' and the full on action, fun and hilarity of racing it


Teams work together to design and build their dream "soapbox" racer. We suggest 6-10 people per team

The soapboxes or go-karts need building from scratch, and there is no set way that you have to do it. We provide wheels of course, and wooden poles that the wheels fit on, plus wooden planks that have holes in and can be connected to each other in ways that make a decent 'chassis' for the vehicle. But even that can be done in various ways. And that is just the basic frame.

After building the chassis comes the really creative part : the body of your vehicle. We provide PVC tubes and connectors that allow you build all kinds of body structures, and cardboard, wallpaper, cloth in various colours and coloured paper to make the body 'panels'.

We will be looking at your originality, creativity, style and safety consideration when judging the resulting racers, and using this to award bonus points to the teams. But then comes the main event the race!


Teams will race one at a time through a track that will require steering as well as control, with penalties points given to teams who do not navigate the course successfully. Speed is of course the main deciding factor though and the fastest time will be the key factor in deciding the overall winner. How we race depends on the venue (as we can bring this activity to you). If we have slope, we will use it if not we will use raw manpower, and teams will have to pull the cars as well as driving them


  • Barcelona Port Forum Beach (plenty of outdoor space, and a gentle slope for the race)
  • Montjuic Hill with great views over Barcelona, open parks and plenty of slope!