Making Movies

With Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen captivated audiences around the world with a story about young summer romance set in a postcard rendition of our city. Our Movie Making Activity pays tribute to the popular film

and uses Barcelona as the backdrop for some decidedly creative team-building. Whether you're a fan of the film, have an interest in cinema, enjoy performing or simply want to spend the day doing something different and fun with your friends or colleagues, our activity promises all that and more!

Our Barcelona Movie Making Activity uses the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona as a source of inspiration, giving you the chance to let your imagination run free, exercise your creative spirit and take in the scenic beauty of Barcelona. The activity begins by dividing your group into teams of 8-10 people. Each team is assigned a professional videographer, who will assist you in casting and directing the actors, composing shots and choosing the best locations.

Your team is given a scene from the film, which you have to reinterpret in your own way. Together with your videographer, your team decides who will do what...and don't worry if you're camera shy - there's plenty to do behind the scenes as well! After casting the scene and assigning other positions, the entire team collaborates on developing, preparing and shooting your version of the given scene: picking locations, improvising dialogue, working out actions, deciding on shots. Once your have a clear idea of what you're going to do, your videographer will take you to your chosen location for the actual filming. Lights, camera, action!

This highly creative activity encourages brainstorming and trying out new ideas and demands open, constructive and clear communication. Making a mini-film in an afternoon is a surefire way of fostering the kind of exchange and collaboration that can be applied to any work situation requiring dialogue and teamwork. Working on something creative is also hugely entertaining and brings colleagues closer together. And in the end, your group will go home with surprising, occasionally hilarious and always memorable videos to watch over and over again!

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