Giant Painting Activity

Just because you weren't born a Picasso doesn't mean you don't have a creative streak somewhere inside of you.

This unique activity will bring it bubbling to the surface. And it's a rewarding way of working with your team members, finding creative solutions and using your brain in new and surprising ways. Trust us, when you step back and see the enormous canvas you and your team have created, you'll be filled with a great sense of achievement.

Your group is divided into teams of 4 to 5 people. The basic idea of the activity is for each team to produce a large oil painting (on a 1.5 x 1.2m canvas) under the watchful eye of our own master artist. They will lend creative support to the teams in finding a common focus and direction as well as showing them skills and techniques to use in their painting.

Before the painting begins, our artistic leader will explain the objective to the group, and give ideas on how to work together to achieve the best results. They will suggest painting styles to use, and explain how in modern art we can use motion and colour to portray concepts and emotions

Prizes for the best paintings are not included in the price, although they may be purchased by us on your behalf if required. We can also organise a BBQ or paella dinner following the activity. Details on request.


Duration: 2 hours

Prices: Please contact us for a quote

Venue: This is a portable activity and can be provided in the venue of your choice. Venue costs are not included in the price.

Upon request, we can arrange a taping of the activity, and record the session in HD video! Our professional filmmakers, who've made waves with their documentaries and short films, will take care of the filming, editing and production of this creative experience. A great way of reliving the event back home or showing others how fun it is to work for your company!