Gaudi-style Giant Mosaic Making

This activity is inspired by the art of 'trencadís' - one of Gaudí's most typical touches, using broken tiles to create art and sculptures

You will literally smash coloured tiles into small shards and then rearranging them to create large mosaics. This style of Gaudí's is visible in the famous lizard, the winding park benches and the rooftop sculptures at Palau Güell and La Pedrera, amongst other places.

Drawing on this inspiration, and, working as a team, we can achieve some truly impressive results.

Having a smashing time...

Your group is divided into teams of 8 to 10 people, and we provide everyone with basic safety equipment (rubber gloves, and eye protection for those smashing tiles) and all of the necessary work tools.

Now it's time for the really fun part: each team smashes their chosen tiles to create their masterpiece. The air quickly fills with the sounds of a dozen or more hammers bashing the many tiles into small shards. The somewhat chaotic process of mass creativity is a lot of fun!

The mess factor

Smashing tiles produces noise and a bit of dust, as well as smaller fragments of tiles - but nothing terrible. We've done this in carpet covered rooms with no problems or complaints from the hotel.

No cement! 

Unless you specifically want to work in cement, we use specially prepared boards with high-tack adhesive backing. These are light weight in case you want to transport the artwork afterwards, and having no cement on the floor after the activity is a real bonus for everyone! 


Price: Please contact us for a quote

Duration: 2 – 2 ½ hours (the time frame can be adjusted somewhat to meet your needs.)

Venue: This is a portable activity and can be provided in the venue of your choice. Venue costs are not included in the price 


Optional Variation: Make a massive mosaic with a pre-prepared design.

Price: Please contact us for a quote

The design below is based on a work by the Barcelona artist, Joan Miro, and was made by a group of 70 people in under 3 hours.

See also our videos section for an example of how one group of 150 people made a giant mosaic, in just 1 1/2 hours - from start to finish