Creative Construction

Nothing stimulates creativity, problem-solving skills and teamwork quite like building - designing, planning, and making an idea work.

In this activity, we've taken the idea of 'building something' quite literally and the results are always surprising - you'll be amazed to discover the extent of your (and your colleagues') creative ability and ingenuity and might even tap into a hidden talent or two. A fun, imaginative and hands-on activity that puts the 'building' back into teambuilding!

After dividing your group into teams of 6-8 people and explaining the rules of the game, it's time to get started: brainstorming, acquiring materials, testing ideas, assembling your creation. We usually provide a theme to guide your construction efforts, but we can always leave the subject matter open - whatever works best for you! We provide a set selection of materials - PVC tubing, wooden battens, containers, cardboard, paper, wire, etc etc - and tools, which you can 'purchase' at our market, specifically created for the purposes of this game. What you create with the materials and how is up to your team and the limits of your imagination. Every time we organise this activity, we're thrilled by the inspired objects and ideas that participants come up with using such deceptively simple items as PVC tubes, string, glue and paper!

Of course you're building against the clock, adding yet another challenge to the mix and demanding effective time management, clear communication and optimal use of all your resources and talents. After completing your inventions (or time running out) every team gets the chance to present their project to the entire group, which often results in astoundingly clever or entertaining performances. An exceptional presentation might even save the most disastrous - or dubious - construction! Regardless of how your invention turns out, the most important aspects - teamwork, a productive exchange with co-workers, using your creative skills - are guaranteed. As is the fact that you'll have an amazingly good time!