Barcelona Treasure Hunt

Few activities can match the appeal of discovering Barcelona on a Treasure Hunt. You get to see landmarks like Las Ramblas,

gallivant through the Gothic Quarter, meet the locals and much more. You'll find out all sorts of surprising things about your colleagues while giving your team-working skills a work-out. And have we mentioned yet how much fun it is?

The game begins with your group getting divided into teams - we suggest teams of 6 to 8 members each. Each team is given a treasure map and the clues needed to find the answers. You can earn bonus points for tackling extra challenges...we won't give anything away, but they're bound to leave you and your teammates crying with laughter. And no chickening out – the activity might be mentally challenging, but physically it's a breeze and anyone can play, no matter their age or stamina.

Our trusty staff members will make sure you don't get lost or cheat (too much) and will keep the game on track. Plus, they know a bunch of cool stuff about the city and it's quirks so it's a chance to get some insider info on Barcelona.

And there's more!!!

The treasure hunt also includes a free fruit juice and jamon tasting in the famous Boquería Market, roses for everyone in Las Ramblas and a free glass of cava in a little bar en-route (wine, beer, sangria or soft drinks are also available if preferred)

Price per person: Please contact us for a quote

(minimum group size of 10 people)

Guided version also available!

Go upmarket and have your teams accompanied by our fun and enthusiastic crew. The advantage of this version is that your teams will be cajoled into action by our monitors, who may also be handy in helping them to get the most out of the city visit - and not going too far wrong at any point!

Our guides are all multilingual, and we can have people available who speaks most languages if needed.