Tactical Games in Barcelona

Throw war games, the Da Vinci Code and The Matrix together and you get our hugely entertaining tactical game!

Your teams must crack the clues to navigate their way around the city, finding some intriguing characters along the way, and delivering their "key master" safely to the exit portal. Each team is equipped with an iPad or tablet, walkie-talkies, maps and a tracking device, allowing you to see where the other key masters are, but take note...doing so reveals the position of your own key master!

Set in the heart of the old town, the route takes us through some of the most charming as well as lesser known parts of the city centre. The route includes 2 points at which drinks will be provided, and 4 other points at which our actors will provide the clues. Each team follows a different route, but your paths will cross at times – times that can prove quite risky!

The team's task is to keep the key master away from the other teams. This means looking out for them and staying on the move until you find the final portal to deliver the key master to. The key masters can be wounded at any time by opposing teams who find them – if the key masters have been wounded then they need more time to open the portal. And not just that - but anyone can attack anyone along the way too!

Tactics can be defensive or offensive – tracking down other key masters will make it much harder for that team to win, but tracking down others means having less people defending your own key master. There are safe zones along the route too – but good luck getting out of them!

The team that opens the portal the fastest wins the game, but the time penalties for the key master being wounded are taken into consideration as well as the finishing time, so you need to be fast as well as careful!


Price: Please contact us for a quote

Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Sound confusing? At first it may all seem a bit baffling - but it's not as bad as it sounds - ask us to send you the rules and you'll get a clearer idea!