Pirate Themed Treasure Hunt

This fun and feisty activity adds an unusual twist to the treasure hunt idea, and mixes pirate-themed mayhem with hearty challenges and swashbuckling shenanigans!


  • Teams of 8-10 people per team
  • Pirate dressed activity monitors
  • Pirate dressed activity leader
  • Optional: Film camera people
  • Optional: Photographer

The activity leaders will meet the clients at the start point, and will explain the rules to the teams, then give them their bandanas and eye patches, swords etc. They will ask the teams to elect a leader, who receives a pirate captain’s hat.


  • Pirate Map – with unclear detail and “X” marking 6 spots to show the locations
  • Captains Pirate Hat
  • Roadbook – contains instructions and clues (with photos), in set order, to lead the teams from location to location. (Teams must follow the order set, so that all teams do a different route)
  • Bandanas (different colours for each team)
  • Costume extras (per person):
  • Inflatable swords – needed for sword fights
  • Eye Patches


Once teams have their kits and clues they can set off to find their first points. The route is along the beach front – a distance of about 2km total walking.


The gold coins are worth 10 points each. They are gained when the teams succeed in the challenges set for them by our pirate monitors


When groups meet on their routes, individual players from each team can attack players from the other team. The winner takes the bandana of the loser (bandanas are worth 3 points each at the end, whether won or just held on to).

Atacar toma la forma de una pelea de espadas: todos los jugadores tienen espadas inflables para esto. El desafío es golpear al otro en la pierna debajo de la rodilla. Si hacen esto, el otro jugador está 'muerto' y entrega su bandana


The teams follow their clues to find their way to 6 locations. The clues are arranged in different orders so no 2 routes are the same. The 6 locations are all near the beachfront between the Olympic Port and the Beach “Mar Bella”, and is circular so that all teams end at the start point again

The Clues

The clues have a large photo of the location, showing something distinctive. The idea is that it should be fairly easy to deduce which location they are looking for, so as to keep the game flowing smoothly


In each location, the pirate dressed monitors will have a challenge prepared for the teams that arrive there. With groups of over 100, we will place 2 monitors in each point, so they will be able to deal with 2 teams at the same time, and the challenges will all be only 2-3 minutes in duration

  • Boat Race:The team selects its finest oarsmen to row our “boat” between two points without crashing, and navigate the slalom course (our boat is actually a wooden structure on wheels)
  • Island Hopping: We provide “islands” (wooden boards) which the team members have to stand on to get from one point to another, without touching the ground
  • Walk the plank: One of the team tries to walk along the thin “plank” we provide without falling off. The other team members have to hold the plank steady at knee height
  • Sea Shanty: We show the team how to improvise a choir, and then they do an “A cappella” version of the song “What shall we do with a drunken sailor” (we film this) (Filmamos esto)
  • All Aboard: The team tries to get as many people as possible into our boat (inflatable)
  • Cannon Fire: A test of accuracy as the teams load, aim and fire our “cannon” (which fires a foam ball) and try to hit the target – their own players who have to catch the ball!


The monitors who started the hunt will be ready at the end to receive the teams as they arrive and to declare the winners. We can include a bottle of cava for the winning team or local turrons for each member of that team if preferred, or the client may provide their own prizes