Photographic Treasure Hunt

In this variation on the classic treasure hunt teams are accompanied by a professional photographer. Explore Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

and capture its charming secrets with a camera. An unbeatable combination of city discovery and creative expression that allows participants to hone their photographic skills and have a lot of fun in the process!

Before setting out, we divide your group into teams of 6 to 8 people. Each team is assigned a professional photographer who will share tips of his/her trade and help you take outstanding photographs. In addition to learning a thing or two about taking great pictures, the game offers a creative and unusual way of looking at Barcelona's historic Old Town.

The goal of the game is twofold. Your team has to locate several points on the map provided. At each indicated spot, you are presented with a photograph, which you have to replicate to the best of your abilities with the help of your professional photographer. This requires a good eye, communication and team work. Each team member will get a chance to take a photo using a professional camera, but working out the best way to do so is a collaborative effort. Time is clearly a factor. You are racing against the clock and your competitors.

However, finishing the route as quickly as possible isn't the objective. Producing high quality pictures is an equally important challenge. Our panel of experts will judge the photographs once the race is over and present prizes for the best work. The game comes with the added bonus of a visually stunning souvenir: you get to take a collection of lovely Barcelona photos home with you!

Price: Please contact us for a quote

Additional information: A professional camera will be provided and used to take photographs during the activity. However, feel free to bring your own camera if you want to take additional, personal photos.