Olympic Games

Friendly competition is a wonderful way of building team spirit and the essence of our Olympic Games.

You don’t have to be an extraordinary athlete to take part in our Olympics – all you need is the ability to work in a team and a willingness to have fun!

Olympic Games - Overview:

  • Warm up dynamics
  • Medieval Olympic Games
  • Modern Olympic Games

Suggested location for the two parts:

  • Outside the Montjuic Castle (Medieval games)
  • Outside the Olympic Stadium (Modern challenges)

Warm up dynamics

We lead you in these entertaining warm up exercises (duration 5 minutes each)

  • Friends and Enemies!
  • Follow the finger!

Part 1 - Ancient Olympic Games

Sword Fighting

  • The teams are armed with foam weapons and sent to fight each other to the death – or rather until they hit the opponent in the lower leg, at which point they are “dead”. All teams play at the same time. Winner is the team with the last person standing

The Discus

  • Spin around and launch the discus as far as you can! It’s that easy…or is it?

Horse and Chariot Races

  • Each team is given a kit with which to build a “Chariot”. They have 15 minutes to build the chariot – this is not a race. Then they race the cars, one team at a time, measuring the time it takes them to race down the set route. One person is the rider, and two people can pull the kart. Monitors measure the time for each team.

Part 2 - Modern Olympic Challenges

A to Z Challenge

  • The teams race from one line to another, a distance of about 20 meters, but can only stand on the wooden boards provided, which are all tied together. There should be 8 boards for each team. The team can all go together or can go in parts and return, but always only standing on the boards


  • A series of hurdles to jump over, along a 100 meter track
  • The team runs together as one, holding hands - penalties apply if they lose their connection
  • Penalties apply for any hurdles knocked over

One-legged crutch race (relay race)

  • The teams spread themselves as they see best around the course
  • The first runner is given crutches which they must use to run – and can only use one leg
  • As they arrive at the next runner, they pass over the crutches


Although we can provide the Olympic games in any venue of your choice, our proposal is a unique location for this great teambuilding activity: Montjuic Park, home of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, including the Olympic Stadium.

Our games not only provide your group with a fantastic day outdoors, they also take you to some of the city’s most impressive landmarks, with some of the best views in the city too!

The park’s large, open spaces never get too crowded and make a perfect setting for our games, held at four different locations in the park. Each team is led by one of our Olympic Games Masters. As we head from one game location to the next, you get to see several interesting sites and admire the gorgeous views of the city, the Old Port, the industrial port and the Mediterranean Sea.


The games are designed to be inclusive and safe. Any individual in reasonable health can easily participate in this activity. All games are designed for full team participation – everybody plays!


Price: Please contact us for a quote

Minimum group size: 20 people. Groups are divided into teams of 6 to 10 people, as you prefer

Duration: approx. 3 hours. (Total walking time approx. 1 hour.)

(Price includes the activity, monitors, all equipment and materials as well as water and soft drinks)