Beach Volleyball and Football

When it comes to having a good time on the beach, few things beat a good, old-fashioned game of football or volleyball.

Plus it appeals to sports fans and competitive souls alike. Team sports are a teambuilding classic!

We bring the football and volleyball courts, which we set up before your arrival - and our fun and friendly monitors to keep the game in order and keep track of the score, or explain the rules if there is any doubt about them. We can bring as many courts as required, but in general it would be one court per 20 people in your group

We also bring refreshments - water and soft drinks, to keep you hydrated

In Barcelona city center, beach space is hard to come by - so we suggest you head out to the wider, cleaner and far more relaxed beach of Ocata - just 18km from Barcelona city center. There is a beach in Barcelona which could be used (playa de la Nova Icaria), but only for volleyball, and we can only set up 2 courts there. For bigger groups or beach football, we are obliged to go outside the city. There are other options to the beach in Ocata - but that's the place we like the best!

Add a BBQ on the beach?

Running around the beach, kicking up sand and giving a game your all is a surefire way of building up an appetite. If you've come to our suggested beach of Ocata, then you can opt to add a BBQ to your day to take care of that in style

The beach bar where we base ourselves in Ocata offers a delicious, no-nonsense BBQ done Spanish-style: a selection of tapas (potato wedges, squid rings, mussels), grilled sardines, Catalan sausage, chicken, burgers, a green salad to stock up on vitamins, and ice-cream to satisfy your sweet-tooth. Served with wine and beer a-plenty

A good game and healthy exertion, a hearty meal and a cold beer, enjoyed on a gorgeous beach with a view of the blue Mediterranean...sounds pretty close to perfect, doesn't it?


Duration: approx. 2 hours

PRICES: Please contact us for a quote

Additional Information:

  • Suggested location: Ocata beach (El Masnou)
  • What to wear: comfortable, athletic wear, sports or flat soled shoes
  • What to bring: swim wear and towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat
  • The price includes the activity, all equipment and monitors, plus two soft drinks per person (water, coke etc)

Extra Options:

This activity can also be combined with our other beach activities:

  • Raft building
  • Sailing, windsurfing and kayaks
  • Team-building games on the beach