Raft Building & Racing Activity

Design and build your own rafts and then race them out to sea and back. Our unique equipment means that you can come up with your own design,

which is not as simple as you might think. It will use all your teams skills and working together to create a fast and stable vessel

How does it work?

First we divide you into teams - we suggest teams of 6 to 8 people. Then we give you some basic training on tying knots, and introduce you to the materials we have for building with. Once kitted up, you have a period of time for planning and building the raft (the mental part) followed by the race out to sea (the physical part). Some of the participants will be involved in less physical ways in the race, allowing you to direct your skills as appropriate.


We provide motor boat or kayak back-up (depending on your group size) and life jackets, which must be worn at all times. All the rafting material is in itself buoyant, so there is no question of the raft completely sinking. At no point do participants go very far from the shore. In the event of extreme weather, we will suggest an alternative activity

This all round fun activity requires no special knowledge and anyone can participate. It requires teamwork on both a mental and physical level, and is available all year round. Perfect for corporate teambuilding days, or for friends who just want to do something different, it also combines fantastically with any other of our beach or sea-based activities or a fun-filled BBQ on the beach (ask us about options)