Beach Games - Teambuilding in the sun

A day at the beach will do wonders for company morale! Our beach activities are all about working in teams and having fun.

Theyre easy and entertaining and everyone can play. You dont have to worry about a thing – we'll provide the monitors and all the equipment you need as well as team colours and prizes for the winners. We'll make sure everything runs smoothly so that you and your colleagues can get on with the business of having fun.

After your group is divided into teams of 6-8 people each, it's time for the games to commence!

We do all of the following activities with the group:

1. Warm up dynamics

  • Friends and Enemies
  • Follow the finger
  • A lifting experience

2. Team Building Challenges

Teams compete in 3 different challenges, each with a 5 minute time limit. These challenges require the teams to think things through and work together:

  • Blind Mine Sweepers - Passing the team members through a giant web without touching it
  • A to B – the team needs to get the furthest distance possible whilst all balancing on just 3 planks of wood
  • Water Passing – passing water from A to B using just a few accessories

3. Sand Buggies!

Teams compete at the same time to build sand buggies (go-karts) from the materials we provide. Then we have a race! 15 minutes building time is allowed before the race begins.

4. The Wacky Water Relay Race

A funtastic relay race with obstacles and water which needs to be carried on a tray. The opposing teams add to the challenge by pelting the players with beach balls (balls made of foam of course!) The challenge is to get as much water into the container as possible in 6 minutes. Then the other teams compete.

Location: The clean, safe and quiet haven of Ocata Beach, just outside Barcelona (29 minutes by train or 25 minutes coach ride from Barcelona city centre)

Includes: 2 drinks per person - water and soft drinks selection provided. Alcohol is not encouraged during the games but may be purchased after if desired

In Barcelona: we can also work on the 'Port Forum' beach in Barcelona (but we prefer Ocata, as it's a lot nicer!)

Other beaches such as Castelldefels, and Vilanova (next to Sitges), are also possible

Our suggestion:

BBQ: Combine the beach activities with a BBQ or tapas on the beach - ask us for information